It was about nine o`clock in the morning when we arrived after a 15 hours bus ride. The weather was beautiful and we were nearly all tired, but I forgot that after seeing the skyline of London on the horizon. We went on to a trip to some sights like the old HMS Belfast or the Shakespear`s Globe. The Tube, the biggest underground of Europe and the oldest of the world, was sometimes very crowded and difficult to see trough. But after some practise we got along with it. The food in London was also very good, I had a big box of delicious Fish n Chips. There was a great variety and the price was alright too. My favourite sight was the London Eye because it was so high and we had a fantastic view on London from the top of it. All in all London is in my opinion one of the best cities in the world. 

Elias Särchinger

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