London- the city of multiculturalism! Hotspot of financial economy, culture and food.
We headed for London with the best intentions to improve our English and get the experience of living in a big city.

So this was our nice little group of travellers, standing in front of the Queen’s house. After one night with barely any sleep and the day just starting we all looked very “good”.

First time on the tube, we all were really confused and happy to arrive at our destination at all. But after getting used to the system the Tube is the best way to get around in London.

London03       London05

The first day was pretty tough, walking around the city powerlessly and tired from the long bus ride but impressed by all the sights, buildings and the mass of people running down the streets. London is such a hectic place, everyone is in a hurry rushing to work. But everyone is really kind and polite, “excuse me” and “sorry” are the most heard words in the streets of London.

London04        London09
Within London there are so many differences at so little space. First picture shows the City, where all the big banks are and wherever you look there are men in suits. Except us – we wear sweatpants and hoodies. Our outfit got better at Camden Lock Market where you can buy cheap clothing and good food of all nations. London is one of the greenest cities in the world as well, with many parks they reach 50% greenery in the city.

London07   London08   London06

One and half an hour outside of the centre of London there are the film studios of the famous Harry Potter movies. A part of the group could experience the magic of the “great hall”, seeing the real Hogwards and drinking “Butter Beer”.

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