Do you want to know how 27 students, living in a very rural area of Germany, get along if they visit one of the biggest and most thrilling cities of the whole continent?
Then take a look at this travel report and you will get some interesting impressions from our class trip to the capital of the United Kingdom: LONDON.

Although we were pretty exhausted from our 18-hour-bus trip with hardly any sleep, everyone  was more than excited for our first day in London. We started our day in Greenwich, where we actually wanted to catch a nice view of the Skyline from London. Sadly we had no luck - England welcomed us with it´s typical rainy and foggy weather, so we couldn’t see anything. That’s why we decided to take out our Oyster cards for our first ride with the underground to the city center. Having arrived at the station of Westminster our group split: While the students joining Mrs. Illner´s group were keen on getting scared by Jack the Ripper in the London Dungeon, the others were more interested in visiting Westminster Abbey with Mrs. Müller and Mrs. Brunner or the Churchill War rooms with Mr. Wahl. We shared the impressions from our first activity at Spitalfields Market, where we all met for a lunchbreak and had enough time to try some extraordinary food.  With filled bellies we had to decide whether we wanted to have an exciting ride with the famous London Eye or enjoy a fantastic birds-eye view from the Shard, the tallest skyscraper of Europe. Back at the ground we had some leisure to stroll around St. Paul´s Cathedral on our own. After taking the tube during rush hour to get to our hotel, which caused for some of us more problems and willpower than for others,  we were all super glad to finally sleep in a real bed again.

Our second day in London wasn’t any less exciting. We got to see many different spots and got told a lot of insider information from our Guide John during a bus tour through the city. One of the highlights was definitely the changing of the guards during our stop at Buckingham palace. The actual plan was to visit Windsor Castle in the afternoon, but because John was so keen on showing us his city, he expanded the tour to five instead of the expected three hours, so we had to cancel this plan. The new programs for the afternoon were either getting close to food coma at Camden market or educating ourselfs at the National History Museum.  It´s not clear to say which choice was the better one - both groups came back with great new experiences when we met at Covent Garden in the early evening. Those interested in culture got the unique opportunity to watch a first-class musical in one of London´s many theatres. Whether immersing into the world of Mamma Mia or getting flashed by the moonwalk from Michael Jackson in Thriller – both shows left us speechless.
The alternative program, chosen by most students, was exploring London at night with Mr. Wahl. Trying to put as many students as possible into one telephone cell was only one of many other pranks during this tour. We can definitely say both groups had a lot of fun and made some unforgettable memories.

As always time was running fast. Nevertheless we were pretty excited for the upcoming adventures on our last day. The ones interested in soccer got the chance to explore a completely human empty Wembley stadium.  While the group of Mrs. Brunner was amazed by the crown jewelries, which they could watch at the Tower of London, Mrs. Illner´s group was following the footprints of William Shakespeare at the inconspicuous but famous Globe Theatre.
For our last afternoon in London we got some free time to explore more of the city on our own. You could find most of us either spending money for a shopping marathon along Oxford Street or the ones more fascinated by food exploring every corner of Camden or Borough Market.
With hurting feet from an exhausting day, we climbed back into our bus and had to say Good Bye to this beautiful city. We left London with a suitcase full of unforgettable memories, which we dreamed about on our long bus trip back home to Klingenthal.
At this point we want to say THANK YOU to our teachers, Mrs. Brunner, Mrs. Illner, Mrs. Müller and Mr. Wahl. Without your perfect organization before and during our stay, this amazing class trip wouldn’t have been possible. Also a huge THANK YOU to our two bus drivers, who carried us through every single traffic jam and made us feel safe at any time.
As you can see, the 27students, normally used to the view of green fields and villages, had an awesome time exploring such a metropolis and hope the upcoming grades will experience as great memories as we did.




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